Twin Cities Musicians Union
Local 30-72, American Federation Of Musicians

This contract for the personal services of musicians of the engagement described below, made this Nov 13th 2007 between the undersigned Purchaser of Music (herein called John P Doe ) and the Fred Richardson Trio. The leader represents that the musicians have agreed to be bound by said terms and conditions. Each musician shall be bound by said terms and conditions. The musicians agree to render services under the undersigned leader. Contract is not valid or binding without separate independant confirmation of terms between Purchaser and Fred Richardson.

1. Place of Engagement: Convention Center
102 W 11th Ave
Minneapolis , MN 55101
Performance Date:Jan - 1 - 2007
Performance Time:5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Band:Fred Richardson Trio
Contact Person:John P Doe

2. Engagement is a strolling music and entertainment trio. Customer requests are honored when possible and special attention paid to birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

3. Price for this performance is $ 800.00. A down payment for $ 200.00 should be mailed with the contract to reserve the date. A check for $ 420.00 should be available at the performance and can be made out to Fred Richardson.

4. It is understood that John P Doe is contracting these services to be performed as 'independent contractors' and is not responsible for social security and unemployment taxes.

John P Doe Fred Richardson
123 My Street S4617 Second Avenue South
My Town , MN 55418 Minneapolis, MN 55419 grenadillafred@msncom

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